What are the Skills required to become Talented Mobile App Developer?

According to the consumer requirements App Developer should alter the specifications of apps at the appointed time. Toe become a goog mobile app developer the above type of qualities you required for talented programming language knowledge like C, C ++ for writing applications on iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Java (Android, Blackberry OS).
Let us focus on detailed points for requirement App developer.

ABC of App Development
App is abbreviated form of Application. An app is a piece of software which makes life easier that runs on smart devices to fulfil a particular purpose. The apps can be as simple as a basic gallery to a navigation app. 

App's could also be lighter version of PC based applications such as Face Book, Twitter, etc. Presently apps are being developed for location-based services, social networking applications, m-commerce, context-aware service, object recognition, mobile instant messaging, which are also the emerging areas of growth. Also, more social games apps in mobile devices are being developed.

Skill-sets Required
Mobile apps are based on the IT platform, application developers should have a computer degree with experience of gateways/servers (WAP, XML, VXML, WTA, etc), browsers (WML, XHTML), clients (SMS, e-mail, chat...etc), and stacks (WAP2.0 and TCP/IP). This industry also needs product and content developers who could be graphics designers, content writers, etc. Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking will enable freshers in the industry to grow quickly.
Developers should have the ability to understand client requirements, change specifications promptly. If one wants to become a good mobile app developer, he needs to be proficient in a programming language like C, C++ for writing applications on iOS iPhone, iPad) or Java (Android, Blackberry OS).
Mobile application development also requires use of specialized integrated development environments such as Eclipse (ADT), Xcode...etc.
Google Android, BlackBerry, Apple IOS and Windows Mobile are few of the famous mobile app development platforms.
Different Platforms for developing apps are - Android, IOS, Black Berry, J2ME, Symbian etc are few of the app development platforms used for mobile application development.

Technologies required for development of Apps
Presently, JAVA, C, C++, J2ME technologies are being used to develop mobile apps.

Certifications for Better Careers
It’s always better to have certifications to have solid career in IT and ITes industry and app development is no exception to this. Following are the important certifications in the field of app development -
OESF Authorized Certification Engineer for Android
BlackBerry Certification Program for BlackBerry
MCPD: Windows Phone Developer for WINDOWS Mobile

Career Prospects 
The mobile application development is rapidly growing and gaining popularity as an emerging job opportunities market. India is the third fastest growing app market in the world.
This is an ever-changing and growing industry with rich revenue generation opportunities. There is huge demand of mobile applications as more people are switching to smart phones.
The future is mobile app and all the services and offerings are going to run through apps. Mobile app development is evolving to integrate with television, in-car navigation and entertainment, shopping, commerce and banking.

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