ICICI bank introduces card-less Instant cash withdrawal services

Its great news for ICICI bank account holders, now they can withdraw cash from ATMs or transfer money from their account to anyone in India using mobile phone number without having Debit card.
ICICI bank added another electronic payment option to its services and providing Cash withdrawal to its customers without having debit card with simple method of using mobile number from over 10,000 ATMs of ICICI bank.

Speaking to media ICICI bank Executive Director Rajiv Saharwal siad, “this service will empower our customers as well as their families and friends by giving access to instant cash, even without having a bank account or a debit card from ATM centers.

To avail transfer of money services Customer needs to login to ICICI bank internet banking services and register the recipients’ name, mobile number. The sender will get a four-digit verification code to mobile phone when money is transferred and recipient a six-digit number reference code through SMS. 
The recipient can withdraw the cash from the lender’s ICICI bank’s 10,000 STM centers by using mobile number and verification, reference codes.

Even customers holding account in ICICI bank can also withdraw cash from ATM’s using mobile number without having debit card.

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