BSNL initiatives Go Green India program No Paper Bills for BSNL Employees

BSNL already implemented this innovative program sharing its responsibility to Save Environment by stopping BSNL Paper bills to Customers in terms of rewards and now to BSNL Employees.

State run Telecom Company proved committed organization with workers in participating to carry out the Government decisions like Swatch Bharath, Jan Dhan Yojana, Go Green (Already implemented) India to save Trees. We already know that paper manufacture with wood pulp coming from cutting trees in forest.

In addition to the above BSNL organization is also running with advanced technology acquiring to share with customers according to their today’s requirement and competition. BSNL like public sector unit to save printing cost spending for Landline or Mobile phone bills has decided to Go Green program not to send paper printed bills to BSNL Employees too.

BSNL already started forwarding monthly bill information through SMS/Email the customers who have registered to this service. To expand Go Green program BSNL is taking part in saving trees being deforestation across India not to disturb the globe green cap. BSNL requested all the customers including BSNL employees to register themselves to get monthly bills through email or phone to support Go Green India program.

So, my dear brother and sisters make sure your participation in this program to support BSNL. This initiative scheme will start from 1st Feb, 2015 onwards.

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