BSNL agreement with Celltick to launch ‘BSNL BUZZ’ Cell Broadcast System (CBS) in India

BSNL is planning to launch prestigious BSNL Buzz Services to customers in India. BSNL Buzz service gives dais to customer unique high-value content and coupons for physical goods that be redeemed in store on Live Screen.

BSNL is partner with M/s Celltick Mobile Media (India) Pvt Ltd offering BSNL Buzz services for GSM customers across the country. Integration of Cell Broadcast System (CBS) BSNL Buzz delivers an enhanced, interactive and engaging experience to BSNL mobile subscribers.

BSNL Buzz Services
How Cell Broadcast Services (CBS) works?
CBS is competent of broadcasting single message to reach all mobile devices in an area as small as one radio cell and as large as the entire country. These services will be enabled for those customers who has subscribed to Cell Broadcast channel on their devices.

Cell Broadcast is designed to deliver multiple customers simultaneously in a specified area. In other words we can say it is a one-to-many geographically focused messaging service.  

No dependency of CB channels for BSNL Buzz (Live Screen) and real-time fast service. Customer who has purchased Celltick sim card can have info messages and even if cell broadcast channel is off message appears. CB is serviceable during natural calamities therefore it is not affected by traffic load.

Modified application (applet) pre-loaded in SIM CBS is not only broadcast messages but also enhance information in most interactive mode. It can deliver many Value added services in a non-intrusive way as all the messages displayed on idle screen and don’t obstruct with normal messaging and voice services.   

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