BSNL joins hands with Google to offer Internet connectivity through Balloons under Digital India named ‘Project Loon’

Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Google Office where he discussed on various projects one of them is to provide internet connectivity through Digital India Project.

State owned Telecom Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has joined hands with Google to offer uninterrupted internet connectivity through large Balloons under digital India ‘Google’s Project Loon’ across the country.

Recently BSNL has tie-up with largest social network Facebook to offer WiFi services by installing nearly 100 WiFi Hotspots to Rural villages covering Southern and Nothern regions of India.

Google’s Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, floating at a height of 20km above earth surface, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas across the country (WiFi Hotspots).

Google to extend its services in India has approached Indian Government to offer drone-based internet connectivity and Project Loon internet connectivity (Free WiFi). The Government has agreed testing of Loon project only as of now. A special committee has been formed under chairmanship of Secretary Deity to work on the planned project.

Balloons under project loon in the stratosphere are twice as high as airplanes and the weather. In the stratosphere, there are many layers of wind varies in direction of each direction and speed. Google has already implemented this technology in New Zealand, California (The United States of America) and Brazil.

Google under this project has partnered with State runs Telecom Operator for testing technology by using wireless broadband spectrum in 2.6GHz bandwidth.

Google will be the only technology service provider and operator where BSNL provide internet connectivity. Latest information form sources, each balloon can provide internet connectivity to a ground area about 40 kilometers in diameter using a wireless communications technology known as LTE or 4G services. Google will acquire power to electronic balloons equipment through solar panel and wind throughout the day.

Currently BSNL using 2637.5, 2642.5, 2647.5, 2652.5 MHz frequencies for WiMax towers. In this connection BSNL has already given instructions to all its telecom circles to free one of its central frequencies (2652.5MHz) which is currently used for WiMax services within one month.

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