BSNL Data Sharing facility Community Charging Features for Prepaid plans mobile service customers

BSNL recently launched new scheme Data Sharing facility for Prepaid plans mobile customers through Data STVs under GSM mobile services.
Community Charging Features:
  1. This Community Charging feature allows sharing of Data among a group of prepaid subscribers of SZ circles. A prepaid BSNL SZ customer can subscribe a community Data pack and share it with other 4 prepaid customers of SZ circles. Therefore the community data pack allows sharing of data among 5 persons ie. between a parent and 4 members.
  2. Subscribing of community data pack and adding of Child accounts – up to 4 numbers can be done only by Master/Parent Subscriber through the BSNL Web portal.
  3. Master Subscriber called ‘Parent’ can subscribe to any of the Community data packs - Group account through the portal: utilizing the balance in his prepaid main account. He cannot subscribe this data plan through other channels like SMS, USSD, IVR etc.,
  4. The master subscriber called ‘ Parent ‘ must ensure availability of sufficient balance during the creation of group itself. During this process, minimum one member must be entered and a data pack must be selected. Group will be created only after deducting the corresponding amount from main account. Subsequent recharge of the data pack may be done by subscriber depending on the usage through recharge option (under Group account ).
  5. This Portal enables the Parent to add and delete the Child accounts.
  6. Both the parent subscriber and the Child subscriber can recharge his account with other Top-UPs/STVs.
  7. If a child is having any other data STVs subscribed to his/her own account,the Group account will come into effect only after his/her own Data STVs get exhausted. i.e. Group account will have lowest priority than other STVs. After exhausting the Group account, customer will start draining his main account.
  8. Child account will not have any access to view his shared data usage.
  9. The Parent subscriber alone can have the control over the Group account activities through the Portal.
  10. No specific charges will be levied either on the Parent Subscriber or from the Child Subscriber for addition/deletion of Child members into the group account.

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