Get More With BSNL STV-91 Prepaid Plan: Great Validity

Get More With New BSNL STV-91 Prepaid Plan comes with great Validity upto 60 days to experience Seamless Connectivity for prepaid mobile users.

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile services, staying informed about the latest prepaid plans is crucial. Let's delve into the reintroduction of the STV-91 under GSM prepaid mobile services, its benefits, and how it compares to other offerings in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana telecom circles.

Re-launch of STV-91 Prepaid plan

In pursuance of the BSNL tariff circular, the Competent Authority of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Telecom circle has approved the reintroduction of STV-91 under the GSM Prepaid Mobile Services. This prepaid plan offers a denomination of Rs. 91 with a validity of 60 days. The tariff plan details for this plan are as follows: voice calls are charged at 15p per minute, data usage is priced at 1p per megabyte, and SMS messages cost 25p per SMS. These rates apply both within your home LSA (Licensed Service Area) and during national roaming. Additionally, the tariff includes coverage on the MTNL network in Mumbai and Delhi. This tariff will be applicable from 15.04.2024 in both Telecom circles, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Get More With BSNL STV-91 Prepaid Plan: Great Validity

Best GSM Prepaid Mobile Services in Andhra Pradesh

For users in Andhra Pradesh, the reintroduction of the STV-91 presents an opportunity to access cost-effective and reliable GSM prepaid mobile services. With competitive voice, data, and SMS tariffs, this plan aims to cater to the diverse communication needs of users in the region.

Low-Cost BSNL Tariff Circular for Telangana

In Telangana, the reintroduction of the STV-91 brings forth a low-cost BSNL tariff circular, offering extended validity and affordable rates for voice, data, and SMS services. This presents an attractive option for users seeking economical prepaid plans without compromising on service quality.

Extended Validity STV-91 Benefits

The extended validity of the STV-91 prepaid plan, spanning 60 days, provides users with a convenient and long-term communication solution. This extended validity ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted services without the frequent hassle of recharging their plans.

Comparing Voice, Data, and SMS Tariffs in BSNL STV-91

When comparing the voice, data, and SMS tariffs offered in the BSNL STV-91, it becomes evident that the plan is designed to provide cost-effective communication options. With voice calls priced at 15p/min, data at 1p/MB, and SMS at 25p/SMS, users can benefit from competitive rates across various communication channels.

BSNL MTNL Network Roaming Benefits

The inclusion of national roaming, including the MTNL network in Mumbai and Delhi, further enhances the appeal of the STV-91 prepaid plan. Users can seamlessly stay connected while traveling within the coverage areas, ensuring consistent communication access.

Exclusive BSNL Prepaid Offers in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, BSNL's exclusive prepaid offers, exemplified by the reintroduction of the STV-91, cater to the specific needs of users in the region. These offers aim to provide tailored solutions that align with the communication requirements of Andhra Pradesh's diverse user base.

Affordable 60-Day Validity Prepaid Plans

The availability of affordable 60-day validity prepaid plans, such as the STV-91, addresses the demand for extended validity options in the prepaid segment. This ensures that users have access to budget-friendly plans with extended service durations.

Latest BSNL Telecom Circle Tariffs

The reintroduction of the STV-91 reflects the latest BSNL Circle Telecom Tariffs, showcasing the telecom provider's commitment to offering competitive and up-to-date prepaid plans that meet the evolving needs of users in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Cost-Effective BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans

Overall, the STV-91 prepaid plan exemplifies BSNL's focus on providing cost-effective prepaid mobile plans that deliver value, extended validity, and competitive tariffs to users in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Frequently Asked Question about STV 91 Prepaid plan

Q: What is the validity of the STV-91 prepaid plan?

  • A: The STV-91 prepaid plan offers a validity of 60 days, providing users with an extended service duration for their communication needs.

Q: Does the STV-91 plan include national roaming benefits?

  • A: Yes, the STV-91 plan includes national roaming benefits, encompassing the MTNL network in Mumbai and Delhi, ensuring seamless connectivity while traveling within the coverage areas.

Q: What are the voice, data, and SMS tariffs in the STV-91 plan?

  • A: The STV-91 plan offers voice calls at 15p/min, data at 1p/MB, and SMS at 25p/SMS in home LSA and national roaming, providing cost-effective communication options for users.

Q: Are there any exclusive BSNL prepaid offers in Andhra Pradesh?

  • A: Yes,

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