BSNL Clarifies on redirecting Broadband users to BSNL email services

BSNL clears stand on redirecting of Broadband users to its promotional page BSNL email services i.e on all browsers.

State runs Telecom Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) gives clarification on issue redirection of broadband users to Enterprise email solutions page in association with XGEON plus. In our website we’ve reported about how customers are facing difficulty and they were redirected to promotional page i.e BSNL email services after connecting to broadband connection and try to attempt to load a page.

BSNL after receiving several complaints from Broadband users gives clarification on this issued that automatic redirection to the BSNL email services i.e has been configured in the entire BNGs of Multi-play network. This redirection will lead to page only when the customer starts a new session.

The most important elements are as follows:

  • Broadband user when they  initiates a broadband  session and  requests  an URL of his choice through the  browser, that very  first  HTTP  request shall  reach BNG  and  BNG  will automatically  redirect  to  
  • The redirection will happen only at first session. i.e. at the  time  of  switching on the modem or when  the  existing session completes 24 hours, whichever is earlier.
  • Subsequently, this redirection will not be applied, and the customer can browse the URL of his choice.
  • This default redirection to BSNL mail services is applicable only to Broadband customers.
  • This redirection  mechanism  is  compatible  only for HTTP  protocol  and not for HTTPS  i.e the  customer  will   be  redirected   to  only  for  first  http  request  and  if  the customer  tries to browse https page,  this will  not work.

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