BSNL Launch Know Your SIM via SMS for Knowing Your SIM

Simplifying SIM Management services: BSNL's Know Your SIM Services in Andhra Pradesh.

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, staying connected and up-to-date is paramount. That's why Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is rolling out a groundbreaking service in Andhra Pradesh: Know Your SIM. This innovative initiative is set to transform the way BSNL customers understand and optimize their mobile connections. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this service and how it benefits both BSNL and its valued customers.

BSNL Launch Know Your SIM via SMS

Understanding Know Your SIM Services

BSNL's Know Your SIM services are designed to provide users with crucial information about their SIM cards. This includes the SIM type (2G, 3G, or 4G) and guidance on how to upgrade to a 4G SIM if necessary. The service aims to streamline the process of identifying and enhancing SIM cards, reducing inconvenience for customers and saving time for BSNL staff.

The Allotment of 5-Digit BSNL Toll-Free Short Code 54040

As part of this service, BSNL has allocated the unique and easily memorable short code 54040. This code serves as the gateway for customers to access Know Your SIM services. It's a toll-free number, ensuring that customers can use the service without incurring any additional costs.

Launch of BSNL SMS Service for Knowing the SIM Type

The launch of BSNL's SMS service in Andhra Pradesh has simplified the process of identifying the SIM type. Customers can now determine whether they are using a 3G or 4G SIM with just a simple text message.

Upgrading Existing 2G/3G Customers to 4G SIM

BSNL has set a target to upgrade all existing 2G and 3G customers to 4G SIM cards by the end of September 2023. This move is aimed at enhancing network capabilities and ensuring that customers can fully leverage BSNL's 4G services.

A Plea to Existing 3G SIM Users

BSNL urges all existing 3G SIM mobile customers to take advantage of the free upgrade to a 4G SIM. This transition not only improves network access but also allows customers to benefit from faster data speeds.

The Inconvenience Faced

The absence of clear knowledge regarding the type of SIM in use has been a source of inconvenience for BSNL customers. It has resulted in unnecessary delays and wasted time for both customers and CSC (Customer Service Center) staff.

How Know Your SIM Works?

Know Your SIM is a user-friendly service. To discover their SIM type, customers can send the message "SIM" to the short code 54040 from their mobile device. They will then receive a response indicating their SIM type.

Using Know your SIM sms based service customer can send message SIM to a short-code 54040 from their mobile which they will recive a response in 2 ways as described 3G SIM

If the customer is using a 3G SIM
Reply - "You are presently using a 3G SIM. Kindly upgrade to 4G for free"

If the customer is already using a 4G SIM
Reply - "Congrats, you are using a 4G SIM"

Upgrading to 4G SIM

For those customers still using 3G SIMs, the response message will prompt them to upgrade to a 4G SIM. This service is provided free of charge, ensuring that customers can enjoy the benefits of 4G connectivity.

Confirmation for 4G SIM Users

Customers already using a 4G SIM will receive a congratulatory message confirming their current SIM type. This reassurance ensures that they are making the most of BSNL's high-speed data services.

With BSNL's Know Your SIM services in Andhra Pradesh, staying connected is about to become easier and more convenient than ever. This initiative not only empowers customers to understand their SIM type but also encourages them to embrace the benefits of 4G connectivity. It's a win-win for everyone, and BSNL is committed to ensuring that customers can access the full potential of their mobile networks with ease.

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