4G BSNL Data plans 411 and 788: Gateway to Unlimited Data Access

In an era where 4G BSNL Data plans connectivity drives our daily lives, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions for GSM prepaid mobile users. BSNL has recently introduced two new Data STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers) in the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh telecom circles, catering to the growing need for affordable and unlimited data access. In this article, we'll explore these new offerings, their features, and how they can benefit users who prioritize data over voice calls.

4G BSNL Data plans 411 and 788: Gateway to Unlimited Data Access
BSNL Data STV 411: Unlimited Data at Your Fingertips

BSNL's Data STV 411 is designed for users who crave limitless data access. With this plan, you'll enjoy
  • Unlimited data with a daily quota of 2GB at high speed.
  • After consuming 2GB in a day, the speed will be reduced to a comfortable 40 kbps.
  • A generous validity of 90 days.

This plan empowers users to stay connected, stream content, attend virtual meetings, and explore the digital world without worrying about data limits. It's perfect for those who rely heavily on data services for work or entertainment.

BSNL Data STV 788: Six Months of Seamless Data

For those seeking an extended data plan, BSNL offers the Data STV 788 with:
  • Unlimited data and a daily high-speed limit of 2GB.
  • Post reaching the 2GB daily limit, the speed will be reduced to 40 kbps.
  • An impressive validity period of 180 days.

With this plan, users can enjoy uninterrupted data access for six months, eliminating the need for frequent recharges and providing long-term value.

Convenient BSNL Online Recharge Options

Recharging your BSNL Data STV is hassle-free. You can do it online via the BSNL official recharge portal, or through popular platforms like Paytm and Amazon. This flexibility ensures that you can stay connected with ease.

Data-First BSNL Plans

It's important to note that both Data STVs 411 and 788 are data-centric plans. They do not include free voice calls. These plans are tailored to cater to users who prioritize data services over traditional voice calls.

Data plans of BSNL Effective Date

Starting from September 15, 2023, these BSNL tariff plans will be applicable in all telecom circles. This ensures that BSNL users across India can access these affordable data plans.

Regulatory Compliance (TRAI)

BSNL has introduced these tariff plans in accordance with the 43rd Amendment of the Telecom Tariff Order and adheres to all guidelines and clarifications issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). This ensures that the plans not only offer great benefits but also comply with all regulatory standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for BSNL Data Plans

1. Can I use these data STVs for voice calls?

  • No, these data STVs are designed exclusively for data usage. They do not include free voice calls.

2. How can I recharge my BSNL Data STV?

  • You can recharge your Data STV online through the official BSNL recharge portal, or via popular platforms like Paytm and Amazon.

3. What happens if I exceed the daily 2GB data limit?

  • After consuming 2GB of data in a day, the speed will be reduced to 40 kbps. You can continue to use data at this reduced speed without any additional charges.

4. Is the BSNL Data STV 788 available in all telecom circles?

  • Yes, both the Data STVs 411 and 788 will be available in all telecom circles starting from September 15, 2023.

5. How long is the validity of the Data STV 411 and Data STV 788?

  • The Data STV 411 comes with a validity of 90 days, while the Data STV 788 offers an extended validity of 180 days.

BSNL's introduction of the Data STV 411 and Data STV 788 demonstrates its commitment to providing affordable and unlimited data access to its users. Whether you need a short-term data boost or seek extended data validity, these plans cater to a wide range of data-centric needs. Stay connected, stay productive, and enjoy the digital world with BSNL's new Data STVs.

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