BSNL Fiber Plans: Half-Yearly Bharat Fibre Broadband Plan 999

Discover BSNL Fiber Plans a Half-Yearly Bharat Fibre Broadband Plan 999, tailored for rural customers. Experience high-speed internet, unlimited downloads, and more. Explore BSNL broadband plans 2023, Fiber plans, and network coverage maps.

High-speed internet service is now a basic requirement in the modern digital world. Rural India frequently struggles to close the digital gap, but urban areas in India have strong connectivity. 

BSNL Fiber Plans: Half-Yearly Bharat Fibre Broadband Plan 999

Recognizing this gap, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced a game-changing offering - the Half-Yearly Bharat Fibre Broadband Plan, affectionately known as 'Fibre 999.' This plan is poised to empower rural customers with high-speed internet like never before. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this innovative plan, its benefits, and how it's transforming the digital landscape in rural Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Telecom circles.

Bharat Fiber Broadband Plan 999: A Rural Revolution

BSNL's Fibre 999 plan is more than just an internet connection; it's a digital revolution for rural India. Here's what you need to know:

BSNL Fiber Plan 999 Highlights

  • Bandwidth: Enjoy lightning-fast download speeds of up to 25 Mbps for the first 50 GB of data usage. Even beyond that, your speed remains a respectable 2 Mbps, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Applicability: This plan is designed exclusively for individual customers in rural areas across all Telecom circles.
  • Payment Options: Say goodbye to monthly hassles. With a convenient half-yearly payment of just Rs. 999, you'll experience uninterrupted connectivity for an extended period.
  • Download/Upload Limit: Forget about data caps. Fibre 999 offers unlimited downloads and uploads, so you can stream, work, and connect without constraints.
  • Free Calls: Stay connected with 24-hour unlimited free calling for local and STD calls to any network within India (Bharat).
Plan DetailsBSNL Fiber plan tariff details
Plan Name Fibre 999
Bandwidth (Download Speed) subject to Technical Feasibility Up to 25 Mbps till 50 GB, up to 2 Mbps beyond
Applicability All individual category of customers in rural areas of all Telecom circles
Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs.) Not Applicable
Half Yearly Payment Option (Rs.)999
Annual Payment Option, Two Years Payment Option, Three Years Payment Option (Rs.) Not Applicable
Download/Upload Limit (MB/GB) per month Unlimited
Additional Usage Charges MB beyond free download upload limit Not Applicable
Free Email ID/Space (Per E-mail ID) Not Applicable
Static IP Address (On Request) Not Applicable
Security Deposit (Rs) NIL for above half yearly plan
Minimum Hire Period Nil (customer can upgrade to any other BSNL FTTH plan)
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs. NIL
Free Calls and Additional facility 24 Hours Unlimited free calling for Local and STD to any network within India (Bharat).
ISD Charges on MCU basis As per existing ISD tariffs

Zero Security Deposit

One of the standout features of Fibre 999 is the absence of a security deposit. You can dive into high-speed internet without any upfront charges. It's a testament to BSNL's commitment to making connectivity accessible to all.

Flexibility and Convenience

BSNL understands that your needs may change. That's why there's no minimum hire period. You're free to upgrade to any other BSNL FTTH plan whenever it suits you.

Transparency and Assurance

BSNL is known for its transparency. The charges mentioned are exclusive of GST, ensuring there are no hidden costs.

Immediate Implementation

This plan is not a distant promise; it's an immediate reality. Rural customers across all telecom circles can subscribe to Fibre 999 and experience high-speed internet without delay.

Plan Renewal and Refunds

If you find yourself satisfied with Fibre 999 and wish to continue, the plan will be auto-renewed for the next 6 months. In case of plan changes within the 6-month residency period, the remaining amount will be adjusted towards the opted plan.

BSNL Broadband Plans 2023

BSNL is committed to providing the latest in broadband services. Stay informed about the most recent BSNL broadband plans in 2023, including high-speed fiber plans and other offerings.

BSNL's Fibre 999 plan is more than just an internet plan; it's a bridge connecting rural India to the digital world. With its high-speed connectivity, unlimited downloads, and affordable pricing, Fibre 999 is poised to revolutionize the way rural customers experience the internet. Join the digital transformation and embrace the power of connectivity with BSNL's Fibre 999 plan.

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